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Social Media Management

My services are customized based on the client.
The "Heavy Lifting" services provide social media management from strategery, content creation to posting and analysis.
Plateforms include:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin
Pricing is based on volume and number of platforms.
Starts at $50/weekly for 2 posts on Facebook

Social Media Content

Hitting your head against the wall trying to come up with new content for social media? Need a high-quality video or photos, and graphic design? I provide you with the visual content, and you post it.
High Quality Call to Action Videos: $35/each
(20 secs)
High Quality Photos: $25/each
(includes graphic design and your business logo)
You still manage your social media


Want to run a Facebook ad or promotion, but not sure where to start. I can help!
My services include the development of the content video/photo, writing the post, targeting, optimization, placement, engagement, audience and analysis.

Pricing: $100/ad
(Ad cost is not included in the price)

Proven ~ Fresh ~ FUN ~ Creative

Social Media Management

My Social Media Service is more than just posting.  I work with you to understand your business goals, challenges, and branding to build your social media marketing that will grow your business to reach your goals. 
My Social Media Management services include the following areas.


Developing strategies for social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) that encourage engagement, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic.
Goal Development: Align social media objectives with overall brand and business goals.

Industry and Competitor Research: Conduct research on emerging trends and brainstorm how I can utilize these in your strategy.


Content Management

Develop on-brand, relevant and engaging content for your social media channels (static images, GIFs, infographics, short videos, etc.)
Conceptualize and collaborate the content and design.
Scheduling: Create and maintain a content calendar. Schedule and post all content on a Content Management platform.
Social Listening: Monitor social media platforms and the industry using social listening tools

Content Creation

Market Research: Research and identify topics, and write engaging content
Optimization: Ensure all posts are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and drive traffic.

Community Growth: Engaging and consistently growing your online community by leveraging the content to maintain a high engagement rate and drive positive word-of-mouth
Discussion: Actively engage followers in discussions
Maintenance: Respond to questions and comments across all social media platforms


Analysis performance of plateforms, engagement, followers and reach.  Compare performance to past periods and industry.  Suggest adjustments and direction to ensure continued success.

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